HomesecurityPulaski County Public School victim of cyberattacks

Pulaski County Public School victim of cyberattacks

Pulaski County Public Schools faced multiple external disorders. Threats against schools have been made via social media and more recently, two cyber attacks.

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"Nothing surprises me anymore, I just get disappointed sometimes and this is one of those times," said the Rob Graham of Pulaski County Public Schools.

Graham said that these cyber threats were attacks ransomware in order to steal money from the school. Fortunately, it was reported that the school managed to stay open.

"Our backups, for the most part, were safe, and we didn't have to stop our operations." said Graham.

He said the initial goal of the hacker organization was to disable all school operations until a certain amount of money was paid. Although the cyber attack failed to disable school operations, it did cause some Problems to teachers and Students.

Graham reported that this has not stopped them from being in the classroom.

"We're operating, I would say, at about 90 to 95 percent right now" said Graham.

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Graham said they are working to stop future attacks, but the public school's computer technology department says nothing is watertight.

"There's always a way in and if they find it, they'll get it.", Graham said.

Although some of the equipment was damaged and will need to be replaced, Graham said they are using this opportunity to upgrade.

"There's a good chance that most of it will be reimbursed through our insurance, so we're not really worried about that right now." said Graham.

Graham expressed hope that this issue will be resolved in the coming weeks.

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The potential impact of cyber-attacks on public schools can be multiple and severe. One of the potential impacts is the disruption of the school system, leading to disruption of the educational process. Students and teachers will face difficulties in Accessed at at information and Tools required for training and work.

In addition, cyber-attacks can lead to the theft or destruction of sensitive information, such as personal data students and teachers. This can have serious consequences for the privacy and security of the individuals involved.

In addition, cyber-attacks can cause financial losses, as restoring the system and upgrading security measures can require significant resources. Still, cyberattacks can cause a devastating cycle of negative publicity for schools, which can affect community image and trust.


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