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iMessage will receive quantum computer protection with iOS 17.4

Η Apple announced that its iMessage messaging app will receive quantum computer protection with iOS 17.4.

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Security is a never-ending mission, and today Apple announced its latest innovation for the protection of iMessage messages. Already in operation in iOS 17.4 beta is an innovative cryptographic protocol called PQ3. The new update offers iMessage "the strongest security properties of any messaging protocol in the world." That's why iMessage's quantum computer protection is important now and for the future.

The iMessage app has a history of strong security. From its launch in 2011 with end-to-end encryption, to the adoption of encryption elliptic curve in 2019, the BlastDoor with iOS 14, and recent improvements such as the Contact Key Control at the end of 2023, Apple is continuously upgrading the Security of iMessage.

Apple has unveiled one of the most significant security updates for iMessage, with a complete redesign of the system's protocol. Apple analyzed the new promotion on its blog Security Research this morning.

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When will quantum computer protection be released in iMessage?

  • You can upgrade your iMessage with PQ3 by installing iOS 17.4 beta (along with the iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4 and watchOS 10.4 beta)
  • PQ3 quantum security for iMessage will reach all users with public versions of iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4 and watchOS 10.4

Apple states that "iMessage conversations between devices that support PQ3 are automatically enhanced to the encryption protocol in post-quantum technology.

The PQ3 protocol "will fully replace the existing protocol in all supported conversations this year.”

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In creating quantum computer protection, Apple had five requirements

  •  Introduce post-quantum cryptography from the beginning of a conversation, so that all communication is protected from current and future adversaries.
  • Mitigate the impact of key breaches by limiting the number of past and future messages that can be decrypted with a single compromised key.
  • Use a hybrid design to combine new metac quantum algorithms with current Elliptic Curve algorithms, ensuring that PQ3 can never be less secure than the existing classical protocol.
  • Dampening the size of the message to avoid excessive additional costs from additional security.
  • Use formal verification methods to provide strong security assurances for the new protocol.

Source: 9to5mac

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