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Apple: replaces the old Apple Card with a new one

Η apple card, released in the US in 2019, is the ideal choice when used with Apple Pay.

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However, the Apple also offers a Titanium Card for purchases in stores that do not support contactless transactions. It's interesting to note that the first versions of the Apple Card are nearing expiration, with Apple starting the process of replacing them with new cards for holders.

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Some Apple titanium cards are nearing their expiry date.

The first Apple Card holders have started receiving email notifications from Apple, informing them that their Titanium Card is about to expire soon, according to MacRumors. Due to the lack of engraved information on the surface of the Titanium Apple Card other than the holder's name, the users had no indication of the expiry date of the card. However, it is now known that the lifetime of the card is about five years.

In a recent email, Apple announced that cardholders will automatically receive a new titanium card at their billing address. In addition, the company notes that customers can continue to use their Apple Card via Apple Pay at all available locations.

We send a new titanium card to your billing address, ensuring that you can shop at physical stores seamlessly. Remember, even before you receive your physical card, your Apple Card remains fully functional for Apple Pay purchases at any point of acceptance. Your new titanium card will arrive within two weeks of the update date.

You can continue to use your titanium card until it expires or until you activate your new card. You can also use your Apple Pay card and virtual card number to make purchases at stores that don't yet accept Apple Pay, either by entering your number via Application Wallet, or using Autofill in Safari.

apple card

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The company also announced that the new card will come with a prepaid shipping label, providing the Possibility holders to give their old Apple Card for recycling.

It is worth noting that the Apple Card is only available in the US.

Source: 9to5mac.com

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