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Jackbox Games Announces Naughty Pack for Adults!

Jackbox Games Naughty Pack

Known primarily for their "You Don't Know Jack" quiz-based card game series and "The Jackbox Party Packs" series of games, Jackbox Games has always allowed for adult content in their responses, but never encouraged or prompted this directly from the titles themselves. For those who wanted a more adult (M-Rated) experience, the Jackbox Games offers you just that, as it has announced the Jackbox Naughty Pack, a new three-game package that promises spicy questions and dirty fun later this year.

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We don't know what types of games will be included, but Jackbox Games is teasing curiosity with "spicy surprises and maybe even some familiar faces." This implies a young, adult-oriented You Don't Know Jack? Will we get dirty versions of some classic Jackbox titles? Or will they be entirely new games that happen to include some beloved characters from old titles? Unfortunately, for now, Jackbox Games is keeping a strict silence on the contents of the Jackbox Naughty Pack.

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However, the studio has released a teaser trailer, which you can watch above. Jackbox Naughty Pack will be released at some point towards the end theυ 2024, and Jackbox Games promises more details this summer.

All games from Jackbox Games are available on all platforms.

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