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Europe's oldest wall found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

A stone wall under the Baltic Sea may be the oldest known mega structure built by humans in Europe. Dating back some 11,000 years to the prehistoric era, it was first discovered in 2021, about six miles off the Baltic coast of the Germany. The findings are described in a study published on 12 February in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS).

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The Blinkerwall, as it was named, extends about half a mile along the Gulf of Mecklenburg. It was first spotted by chance when a team of scientists from Kiel University in Germany used a sonar system from a research vessel to find the shipto study the crust of the submarine's soil.

Baltic wall

The team believes that this building was constructed about 11,000 years ago by Prehistoric Era hunters for reindeer hunting. Hunting walls like this were used to trap herds of animals that would run alongside the barrier instead of jumping over it.

The approximately 1,500 stones connected to nearly 300 larger rocks that make up the wall are so well aligned that the possibility that it may have formed naturally along the Baltic Sea floor sea seems unlikely.

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Scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW), the University of Kiel, the Centre for Baltic and Nordic Archaeology, the German Aerospace Centre, the Alfred Wegener Institute and the Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research have created a detailed 3D model of the wall. They also used modern geophysical models to reconstruct what the landscape would have looked like thousands of years ago. Sediment samples from the basin just south of the wall help them narrow down the likely time period in which it was built. It is the first known discovery of a Stone Age hunting structure in the Baltic Sea region.

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It is located on the southwest side of a hill on the seabed, where a former meadow or marsh would once have stood. Although the Baltic Sea is about 20 metres deep at this location, Blinkerwall was probably constructed about 8,500 years ago, towards the end of the last Ice Age. Huge parts of the previously accessible landscape were covered by the water of the melting ice that created the Baltic Sea.

11,000 years ago, with the rise of the Temperature and the spread of forests, the last herds of reindeer disappeared from the area that is now the Baltic Sea. The team believes it is unlikely that the wall was built after the reindeer left the Area, making it the oldest human construct ever found in the Baltic.

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Future surveys in the area are planned, using side-scan sonar, viscosity sonar and multi-resonance devices. The use of dating based on determining when it was last exposed to sunlight could also help to more accurately determine the date of construction. The team also plans to reconstruct the ancient landscape in greater detail.

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